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Staff Enablement Services

There may be times when you have an ERP project to implement but your senior managers or operations managers do not have one of the following critical success factors...

  • Experience with project planning and timeline management
  • Understanding of business transformation processes
  • Expertise with SAP or Oracle modules Or, you may have an ERP project in trouble that needs correction and stabilization.

TBG Solution
Staff Enablement is a value-added service offered to support Staff Augmentation clients with senior managers who help you manage the intricacies of ERP projects. Consider this a collaboration service where you “own” the project and we enable you to meet your project goals.

Staff Enablement combines the leadership and experience of TBG’s senior resources with your management experience and knowledge of your business to ensure a successful project completion.

Staff Enablement Benefits
Staff Enablement gives you the confidence to commit to difficult projects and move them forward. It allows for the highest return on your ERP investment and lowers the risk of project failure.

Ultimately you get a well-executed ERP project that meets your business needs and budgets.

To discuss your ERP staffing needs, contact us by email at or call 770-557-4900.