Governance, Risk and Compliance Solutions

Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) Solutions from SAP are a set of activities that help you make better business decisions by enforcing access controls, minimizing risk, deterring fraud and preserving business value. By integrating key GRC activities into your existing business processes, you can protect your company‚Äôs reputation and financial well-being.  Capabilities include:

  • Access governance -Automate administration and enforce access governance
  • Audit management - Gain more from internal audits with closer alignment to the business
  • Controls and Compliance Management - Maintain compliance and effective business processes while reducing risk
  • Enterprise Risk Management - Preserve and grow business value through more intelligent risk management
  • Fraud Management - Prevent and deter fraudulent activity quickly and effectively
  • International Trade Management - Optimize the cross-border supply chain with improved trade compliance

Rather than tackle this complex GRC solution on your own, consider using the experienced SAP consultants offered by The Baer Group, which is well positioned to provide the critical resource support you need to achieve your governance objectives.

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